Dating in the middle ages web series

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Dating in the middle ages web series

“Sex in the City,” meets “GLEE,” in this new musical comedy series following a blocked historical romance writer as she looks for her Mr. Creator/writer, Devin Mills, stars in the series as historical writer Samantha Collins who, in search of her modern day Cary Grant, has recently begun dating again after ending her 15-year marriage.“I got the idea for the series after leaving a long relationship, starting to date again, and listening to many of my friends’ horror stories about dating at midlife,” commented Mills.

So it makes sense that when she daydreams about dates they end up coming out (most of the time) in medieval fantasies.It’s also a musical comedy, so as for the musical numbers – they can take place in any time period.It kind of depends on the song I write and what era I see it in.She also sings in one of the episodes – so much fun.My daughter played by Courtney Merritt is also introduced, as is Samantha’s new, possible Mr.

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And, telling a story in under ten minutes can be difficult, so you really need to be able to edit yourself well. Also my mother, played by the wonderful Deidre Hall, is introduced this season.

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