Dating islam rules

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Dating islam rules

- This "opening Sura", is the one of the "straight path"... They have also a "smaller Rosary", with 33 beads, one third of the regular one.

if a Muslin were asked to summarize the way his religion councils man to live, he may answer: "Islam teaches man to walk in the straight path". "To practice the Tasbih", is simple, and every Christian or Jew can do it: 1- The first 33 beads (or 11 beads), you say: "Subhana Allah": "Blessed be God".

For other rules of Islam teachings, Islam morals, Islam and Quran Golden rules and for more information on the above, refer to the related attached questions listed below 1-There is only "one God", Allah, creator of the whole universe, who is just, compassionate, and merciful. Creator of life and death, the guide to righteous, the friend and protector of the sick and the poor.

He chastises eternally the infidels to Hell, and he rewards the faithful with eternal Heaven.

denying morals per Islam teachings not complying with Islam rules for cloth not complying with Islam rules for what to eat. Nation of Islam was Founded by Wallace Fard Muhammad in Detroit Michigan in 1930.

there are not seats, but the floor is covered with the "prayer rug"... not of what they earn, but of the value of all they possess! 4- "Fasting", "Sawm", on the month of "Ramadan", the 9th month of the lunar year, because in this month Muhammad received his initial commission as a prophet, and because 10 years later he made the Hegira from Mecca to Medina on the same month.

and since every corner of the universe is equally pure, the faithful are encouraged "to spread the prayer rug" wherever they find themselves at the appointed hour of prayer. All people over 14 are required to take no food nor drink, nor engage in sexual intercourse, during the daylight.

3- Quran or Koran, is the last of God holy book, other God holy books are the Torah, Psalms, and Gospels of Jesus.

4- "Life on Earth", is a test and only a preparation for the eternal life to come.

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It denounces usury, games of chance, alcohol, pork... 5- The "Final Judgment": The faithful will go to eternal Heaven, and the infidels to eternal Hell, with the vividly rewards and punishments recorded in the Koran. The "Salat": 3- "Give alms", "Zakat" 4- "Fasting", "Sawm", on the month of "Ramadan" 5- "Pilgrimage to Mecca", the "Hajj" 1- "Profession of Faith", "Shahadah": The Shahada: "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet". It is called the "shahada", and the prayer also asserts the belief in the Koran, the angels, and the last judgment. The "Salat": See Mosque, and Prayers of Muslims To pray 5 times a day, facing toward Mecca.