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Keep the conversation light and fun and do discuss culture and other topics of interest. Finish off the date at a night club or somewhere else where she can dance and flaunt herself.

They do admire men with traditional family values though.

Beautiful Croatian women can be picky when it comes to men.

They are very independent however they do want financial stability. The thing about these women though is they love Croatian men because they are extraordinary. Here are some more of their likes: Croatian women are very social and tend to group up.

But, how much else do you know about Croatia, let see…. The mainland covers 56,542 km², and the surface of the territorial sea is 31,067 km². Quoted as saying ‘Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, Florida.’ 32. This tradition began in the Middle Ages and the songs sung are considered to be the oldest Passion songs in Europe 84. He was educated in Graz, gained professional experience in Prague and Budapest and Paris before moving to New York and becoming a US citizen.

With 103 fun facts about Croatia, this list is just a drop in the ocean of how wonderful and interesting Croatia truly is. Let’s start with an important historical fact about Croatia. The Catholic Cathedral in Zagreb is the tallest building in Croatia (108 meters). Croatia has 1244 islands, isles, islets & reefs for you to sail through. Croatia’s drinking water has one of the highest quality standards in Europe. Therefore by some account people claim him to Serbian not Croatian) Extra fun fact: Tesla’s birthplace of Smiljan is present-day Croatia, and he was once quoted as saying When in Croatia at the right time, you might want to check out the annual Nikola Tesla Electric Vehicle Rally. In April 2011, the largest box of popcorn was filled at the Cineplexx in Osijek.

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Croatian women love to go on dating sprees but they do it in groups.

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