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(Take that as you will.)” That’s not to say you should be applying marketing best practices directly to dating.

However, there are definitely key lessons we can take from Tinder that can be applied when launching online marketing campaigns. Did you know that wearing glasses in your profile photos will reduce your chances of a right swipe?

A friend recently enlisted me to help him create his Tinder profile.

He had been on an online dating hiatus and this time, he didn’t want to just ‘wing it.’ He wanted to create a well-thought out profile that would return the best results. We carefully wrote and edited every word on his profile.

A few days later, we reviewed his matches and he selected his dates. It may be a cynical way to think about finding a love interest, but Tinder is essentially a personal marketing platform.

We put ourselves on the app with some sort of goal in mind, and everything we do on the app aims to help us reach it (whatever it may be).

Don’t take my word for it, check out this awesome marketing funnel re-imagined for Tinder: Source: Sprinklr According to Contently, “marketing and dating aren’t all that different.

No one likes getting generic, boilerplate emails that were sent en masse.According to a study from Tinder, a four-eyed avatar can reduce your chance of finding love by 12%. It’s no surprise that first impressions and aesthetic appeal are extremely important for Tinder, and it’s actually no different for online marketing.You could have an amazing product or service, but if your website and campaign isn’t clean, attractive, and appeals to your target audience, your potential customers could be giving you the left swipe.“You need to provide value in order to start a conversation,“says Toner.Find out what their business wants and needs are, and speak to those.

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Instead, research your target audience well and use keywords that would speak and resonate with them.

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