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Many of these stereo units show signs of wear and tear from over the years.

They’re all about preserving a part of history that I’m sure many of you can remember. But, our ultimate goal is to restore them to almost like new condition.

The company later began to produce commercial loudspeakers for public use.

In the mid-1940s Leo Fender developed one of the first guitar amplifiers and chose Jensen® speakers for their excellent tone.

All used four 7027A output tubes to generate a conservatively rated 120 watts, which can often top 140 watts downhill with a good tailwind… And though we say this was a rock-intended amp, it was rock as intended it – bold, punchy, clear, and ungodly loud. Perhaps fewer players than back in the day, but, back when it was introduced, it proved to be exactly what plenty of touring pros required, most notably the Rolling Stones.

The story sometimes goes that the SVT – the bass-amplifying sibling of the V Series guitar amps – was designed “for” the Rolling Stones’ 1969 tour. As such, the band served as beta testers for the new designs.

In the late 1990s, under a licensing agreement, SICA Altoparlanti, an Italian speaker manufacturer, commenced production of the legendary Jensen® speakers.

These Jensen® "reissues", after intensive research and analysis, are made to the same specifications as the original Jensen® speakers used by Leo Fender and others.

They generally follow the following format: (example) 137 5904 where 137 is the manufacturer code (in this case CTS), 59 is the year (1959), and 04 is the week.Throughout the 1940s, 1950s and most of the 1960s, Fender®, Ampeg®, Gibson® and all the other major amplifier companies used Jensen® musical instrument speakers.Jensen® ceased production of their loudspeakers in the late 1960s.Like the massive SVT bass rig of the same year, the V Series guitar amps introduced in ’69 were all about rock and roll – big rock and roll, as blasted in stadiums and arenas on major tours – and they cranked it out in a style no amp had done before or has since. ” This is where it comes from; you just aren’t likely to appreciate quite how beautiful until your ears are bleeding!The 1972 Ampeg VT-22 is the 2×12″ combo of the V Series, and was the sibling, circuit-wise, of the V-4 head and V-40 4×10″ combo.

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