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I always thought I was just one of those weird kids who actually liked it.

Apparently I was wrong, because it’s definitely a hot commodity at our house.

I worked hard to not overthink or over complicate this. The girls were all teenagers with varied levels of cooking skills, so an adult was added to each group to help out where needed. We decided to skip the entree and did just an appetizer and dessert round.

Nobody was competing for prizes, money or recognition here. I tried to come up with a group of ingredients that were challenging to put together but not too far fetched. In the case of a tie there would be debate & discussion.

Appetizer Basket Sponge/shortcake dessert cups I personally cannot stand those dessert shortcake cups.

(You usually find them around the strawberries in the produce section) I’d be so disappointed if they were used plain, as is. They could be chopped up, seasoned and fried as croutons or crumbs, made into a toasty garlic bread or a quick bread stuffing or soaked – lots of ideas for them! It’s a fun ingredient that can be cooked or eaten straight from the can – the girls could get very creative with this.

I would automatically think of a crumble or a crisp style dessert.There’s never even a tiny piece left in the pan, and there may or may not always be a fight over the last piece.If you love easy comfort foods, you will also love my Easy Baked Pork Roast I love that the recipe calls for oatmeal, a little added fiber, but if you don’t have any or are a little freaked out by adding oatmeal, you can use crushed soda crackers or bread ripped into tiny pieces.The finished result had fabulous flavor – but the texture was off.The cheese didn’t melt as they expected and gave the dessert almost a curdled consistency.

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Fresh basil is simple, versatile and has such great flavor.