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and for the resumption of the march along the path of glory and honor."[14] Part II: Organizational Aspects Government Control of Schoolbooks to Guarantee They are Consistent with Islam and Devoid of Anything Conflicting with Its Principles The Saudi government maintains control of every aspect of educational material:[15] "The government shall be concerned with the control of all books coming into the Kingdom from abroad or going out of the Kingdom to the outside world.

It is compulsory that private schools use the same textbooks and curricula employed in the public schools.S., "committees at the Ministry of Education oversee the development of textbooks[20] in every subject for all educational levels…Textbooks are updated periodically to reflect developments in different subjects.We recommend that affected companies consult the SASO website regularly.If you have any questions on plastics legislation in Saudi Arabia, you can contact our Export Help team at any time.

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Contrary to the information available to date, packaging is also affected.

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