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Dating modern chinese coins

There is no period, comma, or other punctuation to give you a clue.

This is not really unusual since ancient Chinese texts actually use no punctuation as we know it.

Please see examples at Northern Song Coins and detailed historical information at Chinese Coins.

Similarly, most Chinese charms and amulets are also round with a square hole and have four Chinese characters on their obverse side.

One of the biggest problems a charm collector faces is trying to decipher the Chinese characters in order to identify the charm and to understand its purpose and meaning.

The following is a guide or primer for non-Chinese readers which should help you to determine how the Chinese characters on the charm or amulet should be read in the proper order.

In these cases, the two characters indicating "currency" would be the bottom and left characters.

Of course, those who can read Chinese and are familiar with Chinese coins, or have reference books available, can easily identify a particular coin.Therefore, we have found the correct entry and the English translation in the fourth column says the meaning is "Peace under heaven".There are many charms which have the same Chinese character(s) at the beginning so it is important to make sure that you find the one with all the characters in the proper sequence.The old coin at the left is an example of a typical Chinese cash coin which was cast during the Qing (Ch'ing) Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD). The characters on a typical Chinese coin are read in the following order: top, bottom, right, left.The inscription (legend) on this coin would therefore be read as 康 (character at top), 熙 (character at bottom), 通 (character at right) and 寶 (character at left).

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The second and third columns in the table are simply to provide you with a little additional information. In order to make learning a little easier for the Chinese people, some of the more complicated Chinese characters which take many strokes to write have been "simplified" to have fewer strokes.

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