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Dating of rock art in southern america

Advanced techniques such as the use of perspective is clearly demonstrated in the ‘panel of horses’ which shows several animals on the same plane.

Located in the Northern Territory of Australia, Kakadu National Park contains one of the greatest concentrations of Aboriginal art sites in Australia.

The cave was discovered in 1994 by Jean-Marie Chauvet and his team of speleologists.

Nine thousand years ago the surroundings were green with lakes and forests and with large herds of wild animals as demonstrated by rock paintings at Tadrart Aracus of animals such as giraffes, elephants and ostriches.

The Magura Cave is one of the largest caves in Bulgaria located in the northwest part of the country.

The cave walls are decorated by prehistoric cave paintings dating back about 8000 to 4000 years ago.

The Chauvet Cave in southern France contains some of earliest known prehistoric cave paintings in the world.

Based on radiocarbon dating the oldest paintings in the cave may be up to 32,000 years old.

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Animals such as bisons, tigers, lions, and crocodiles have also been abundantly depicted in some caves.