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Does the postcard back indicated that it was printed in Germany? The German cards were of exceptional quality and are some of the best examples of old postcards available. Does the postcard have a shiny finish on the front, with a color photographic image?However, World War I shut down the German printing presses and cards started being printed in the United States or imported from Great Britain. Photochrome postcards have been produced from 1945 to present.Even so there are instances where this information can be helpful.Most Real Photo Postcards, abbreviated RPPC, have information on their backs to help in identifying the manufacturer of the photographic paper that was used by the postcard publisher.However, there are many postcards that were never mailed or that a part of the post mark is illegible or soiled.

The other side could be a complete picture (or photograph) Prior to this (undivided back) cards were in use which allowed for address only on one side and a brief greeting on the picture side.½d 1st January 1902 - 25th November 1904 Blue-Green 1/2d Yellow Green issued 26th November 1904 Edward VII died on 6th May 1910 The George V 'Downey Head' stamps were issued on 22nd June 1911 (Coronation Day).Named after the photograph taken of the King by W & D Downey. It was common for early postmasters not to bother including the year in the date, no doubt assuming that the customer knew what year it was.By knowing the relationship between postage rates and their dates of use, a time frame can be created for the issuance of a postcard.

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Cards previous to that had to have the Private Mailing Card Statement. There was often a statement that said "this side for address only." The postal service started allowing the use of divided back postcards in March of 1907.

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