Dating singer sewing machine oil cans

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Dating singer sewing machine oil cans

One can’t help but wonder how many of the new computerized sewing machines on the market today will still be in use at the turn of the next millennium.The Singer 66 started out as a treadle sewing machine in 1900.With just one simple step you can adjust the stitch length to accommodate different fabric types and thicknesses and for basting, but do not expect anything else in that department.The table that this machine is mounted on definitely shows its age.This model has one of the first drop-in bobbins very much like the bobbins of today.Earlier models had elongated bobbins and bobbin cases that resembled bullet casings.

The Singer 66 that we had the privilege of reviewing is table mounted and while not in pristine condition, sews better than many newer machines. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on an original manual, you will be guided through the processes of threading the needle and winding the bobbin.It is scratched, scarred and appears to be weather worn.It is totally unlike our grandmother’s oak sewing machine table.The first Singer 66, went through several different incarnations, and each incarnation brought with it a different set of features.However, the single most distinguishing feature was the oscillating hook, which made it possible for the bobbin to be merely dropped into place.

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Just walking into Fort Lauderdale’s Pfaff Sewing Center and seeing this Singer treadle sewing machine took me back to our teens, summers with our grandmother and learning to sew on her beautiful treadle sewing machine.

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