Dating someone less intelligent

Posted by / 10-Dec-2019 07:50

I'd say 90% of my social circle go to Uni (Oxford, Cambridge, York, Imperial, Warwick, Durham, among others)..we can all get on.

If there really is a dearth of 'proper' conversation, then it can be an issue, and it isn't harsh to say so.Its difficult to read the second half of your post but that really sounds like what my issue is, arrogance Thank you for your reply, it has certainly given me something to think about and correct. And if it does, how do you know its the reason you cant make conversation or might not be able to make conversation?And also you make it sound as if she isnt smart at all. An intullect who can't spell intellect, who'd have thought!but I wouldn't discount someone based on academics!Ok, again, really sorry, bad spelling in the title.

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