Dating talon zippers

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Dating talon zippers

The most important aspect of vintage clothing is being able to identify how old an article of clothing is.There are many clues that can be found in the details of every garment. In 1921, they launched the “American Field” line of hunting garments. was founded in 1893 (or 1891, depending on the source) in Toledo, Ohio as a manufacturer of canvas goods, largely awnings and wagon covers.After ingratiating himself with the company through his good skills (and by marrying the plant manager’s daughter), Sundback devoted himself to improving the fastener.By December 1913, Sundback not only perfected the zipper but also the machine that built them–now the “clasp locker” was ready for primetime.This page will help identify types of vintage zippers and the time period that they were primarily used, as well as give a brief history about the company behind the zipper.Additional information with details about each type of zipper will be available in the near future by clicking on the photo below.

1970s-1990s labels By the 1980s, the operation had been sold again, to Weather Shield Sports Equipment, Inc.

Further research into individual zipper types can help you get a more accurate date. Early designs for a modern zipper were used for military, boots and pouches post-1914.

a good sign that it might be pre-1960 notes: Zip fasteners were first used on men’s trousers in the USA in 1927.

Often a zip fastener alone does not ensure a correct date identification of vintage clothing.

Be aware that zippers can be replaced over time and some modern garments may use a vintage-style zip to create a retro look.

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One of the common features that can be used to help identify what era an item is from is the zipper.

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