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She will usually then flirt back by giggling or displaying submissive body language (e.g.

dipping her chin down and looking up at you like a little girl, biting her bottom lip, looking shy, etc).

If she wasn’t attracted to you, she wouldn’t return the smile and would likely ask you, in an annoyed or assertive way.

Reach out and touch her: On a first date or during the first conversation, just touch her on the side of the arm while talking to her. When she notices that you have the confidence to reach out and touch her, she will naturally begin feeling more attraction for you.

Start flirting smarter with these proven flirting tips for guys: Tell her that she’s sexy: In a confident, easy-going, but also subtly sexual way, tell her that she’s sexy.

Look her in the eyes, smile a bit and say, If you have been behaving in a confident way around her, she will be feeling attraction for you and she will welcome the compliment.

Another way of initiating touch is if you’ve only just met her and she says something cute of silly.

Say it without words: As a man, you are mostly turned on by how a woman looks, whereas a woman is more attracted to your actions, behavior and vibe.

So, when you are talking with her, show your attraction by looking at her with a slight, mischievous smile.

Believe that whatever you are doing to flirt with her is more than good enough.

When she feels that confidence coming from you, she will become more attracted and when a woman is really attracted to a guy, she fully opens herself to flirting with him.

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Apply flirting too lightly and the girl may not even notice it.