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Context is key when studying the Bible, which in short means knowing who the Word was written for and the culture of the people.The Word of God is unchanging and for all of His Creation to hear and know, but the time in which it was written provides certain guidelines for the culture of the day.Ribs serve as a method to keep the body upright; a wife’s duty is not only to pursue an upright life but to work alongside her husband, as he leads by example.A rib also serves to protect the lungs and the heart.

In the Garden of Eden, God made possible a relationship with Himself through the first man, Adam.

In fact, the only marriage that was ever perfect for a time was the marriage of Adam and Eve before the Fall.

Genesis famously recalls, “The Lord God said, 'and then closed up the place with flesh.

The concept of dating is one of the most widely remarked upon and questioned aspects of a Christian walk.

Much of the questioning comes from the modern forms of dating as compared to the contextual traditions of biblical times.

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When two persons enter into a relationship, whether it be through marriage or dating, there are two souls involved.