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Statues dating as far back as the Chou dynasty (1000 BC) show figures holding decorative pieces of cloth.

Christian tradition links the handkerchief or sudarium to the Shroud of Turn offered by Veronica to Christ.

True collectors have hankies that stretch much farther back in time, for these keepsakes were special to someone, and were thus saved, and survived for us to savor.

Handkerchiefs have been with us in the small moments – dabbing a baby’s chin, wrapping a child’s cut finger, catching a tear while watching for the umpteenth time, and the major moments – a bride’s tears of joy, a widow’s deep despair, a marine tucking his wife’s perfumed hankie over his heart.

If you have a special vintage handkerchief that you'd like to display as a home décor focal piece, you can create a beautiful throw pillow.Handkerchiefs appeared in Shakespearian plays – in which a misunderstanding over a handkerchief caused Othello to kill his wife and then himself.Once considered so valuable they were listed in dowries, as well as bequeathed in wills.This craft provides a backing for the handkerchief, which can be helpful if the piece is somewhat fragile.However, stay away from torn or fraying handkerchiefs, since they may not hold up to the rigors of everyday life in your living room.

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The loss of a handkerchief was found recorded in publications as far back as 1665.

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