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Dating vintage yamaha guitars

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Japanese-built Takamine Pro Series guitars can be reliably dated from the eight-digit serial numbers typically found at the neck block inside the instruments.

The first two digits designate the year of manufacture, followed by two digits denoting the month.

This applies for overseas models from 2013 For Example; Serial Number:#51010999.

The first two digits represent the number of years from 1962 (1962 51 = 2013). The last four is the sequential number from all guitars made that month.

At the same time, the Japanese figured out how to build guitars. Despite a decent build provenance, this little puppy suffered in its earlier life. It may not have fallen out of the back window of a ‘63 Chevrolet Impala station wagon and bounced down the road for a few hundred feet but when we got it, it looked like it had thought of making that leap.

Dinged, dented and roughed up, it, like the tough guitars that Nippon Gakki’s are, survived. It could be tweaked with some saddle or nut work - but the playability and sound are still, somehow, pretty good.

This was the time when US-built cars were 2-ton behemoths and the Japanese dared to export the little Toyotas..eventually ran quality-control rings around the Detroit-built iron.

Once it arrived at Vintage Classicals, we cleaned it and polished it and polished it and polished it. But this is the guitar I’ve played the most over the past six months. Maybe because it’s a little rough around the edges, I’m not afraid of it getting another nick or two. I’ve bonded with this 'lil darlin' and I’m pretty sure you will too.

And if that’s not enough - it’s got that spiffy pagoda roof-shaped head of the early Yamahas and what I assume are the original tuners - very unique.

The remaining four digits denote the instrument’s sequential number of manufacture among all the instruments made during the month indicated.

For example, serial number 07100091 indicates a guitar built in 2007 (07), in October of that year (10), and that it was the 91st guitar made that month (0091).

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For collectors, this IS a Nippon Gakki with a seven-digit serial number (the ones that even Yamaha can't figure out).

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