Dating when going through a divorce

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Encourage your friends After getting her husband’s email that day I sat and stared at my screen, thinking about all that she gave to her friends and family. I remembered the night I called her in tears when my then wife told me she wanted a divorce. her response: “you got this.” We all put far too much pressure and doubt in our own minds, and need friends that believe in us…relentlessly, even when we don’t believe it ourselves.

As I thought about our conversations and the hours of catching up, the feelings came over me that I left with every time I talked to her.

She talked about her life and how blessed she felt with great family and friends.

Over the last few years, with each conversation, it always felt a little like this might be the last time we talked. I knew it was there because every conversation ended with much more feeling than any other conversation I have with friends.

With about a 20-year age difference between us, I wasn’t quite sure we would have much to relate about. A small group of arrived a night early, and so we all decided to go out to dinner. This was about having my back before I knew I needed it.

This was thinking about someone else and being selfless and caring.

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