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" I love that they tackle dating issues from both a female and male perspective, and I also love that they are generally not about anyone wasting anyone else's time.

Listen to this when that date tells you they're "just not ready for a relationship," two months into sleeping together.

(Because sometimes, even if you're in a relationship, it's nice to remind yourself that while your partner loves leaving the kitchen cabinets open, your friend's FWB likes to send unsolicited dick pics.) ) is truly a gem of a person — there's no one like her and she's sparkly AF. They make you feel less alone — I’ve practically doubled my friend circle with all of the podcast hosts I’ve gotten to “know.” (Anyone?) They distract you from boring tasks — I love a one-hour pod while commuting or doing laundry.They also give you advice — true crime podcasts remind us not to murder, and wellness podcasts remind us to eat kale.There’s just no solidarity like the kind of solidarity that comes from listening to strangers talk to each other, which is why I really dig podcasts about dating. If you're actively hunting for a cutie, you know I'm not lying — it's hard out there.


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