Diary of a dating diva

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Diary of a dating diva

On that morning, at Parlee Beach, Shediac, NB, it was going to be […] When November hit, I had an itch to do something new and something out of my element.

After I was done work one day, there was a flyer on my car for a free week of boxing.

I have used The Diva Cup for three cycles now and can never imagine going back to using tampons or pads.

I was talking to a friend about the lack of information about importing dogs into Dubai.

I had used similar products in the past but was never very pleased with the results often I had trouble with leaking or had to empty […] My name is Francine and here is my The Diva Cup story.

On Sunday July 31st, 2016 it wasn’t any ordinary day…it was my 48th birthday, and for me, birthdays are very special and need to be celebrated.

We teamed up with The Diva Cup to hold a Menstruation Celebration, an event to break the menstrual taboo, educate students about menstruation, collect product donations, and most of all, celebrate periods! I am 30 years old and like many other women I started out with pads early on.

I remember in middle school, pads with wings were not a common product to come by.

They will then send you back to DNATA to get the number of the loading bay. So it’s been a busy week for the dogs – even if they didn’t really do a lot.As one could imagine, it was always an accident waiting to happen.Later, I “graduated” […] When I committed to joining Peace Corps Morocco in June of 2014, I received a packing list that included, among other things, The Diva Cup.Registration for MOEW 3) Apply for the import licence online.You will need scanned copies of pet passports to be uploaded.

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I enjoy hunting, kayaking, bicycling, riding horses, running, and I even volunteer at my local animal shelter.