Did niall horan dating amelia lily

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Amy and Milly (loosely the latter) are nicknames for Amelia, in French it is Amelie, pronounced (Ah-Meel-ee).Better Answer: My Name's Amelia but everyone calls me Millie. Amelia Jenks was born in Homer, New York on May 27, 1818.

Speaking to Diabetes UK she said: "I did question myself for years. Why can't I go one day without having to have an injection? I think it has helped me to cope with the whole X-Factor experience.Betrayed, cheated on, lied too, you're the most deceitful person. 4 years clearly meant nothing to you." star, Frankie Cocozza see the full line-up HERE.But although they did go on to date after the show, their romance was not to be, lasting only very briefly.When she first came onto our screens at her hairdresser Jamie Stevens dyed her hair a bright pink colour which gave us all SERIOUS hair envy.But it didn’t last long as she went back to her roots (literally), and dyed her hair back to blonde, opting for more sophisticated semi-final tresses. Landing the role of ' Whatsername' in Green Day's American Idiot The Musical, she toured the length and breadth of the UK last year, alongside fellow singer/songwriter Newton Faulkner who played ' Johnny'.

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Amy is not a nickname for Amelia, Amy is a name by itself… She was a very famous for women's right and for being a reformer.