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Drobo updating boot support partitions

One would actually be 1.0 TB but the other would only be about 300 GB in size.

As a result, several of the comments below may seem out of place.In the image below, it's the "Storage Capacity." You can also approximate your "actual size" with the Drobolator.In my case, I've formatted my drive as a 16 TB drive and created a Time Machine backup sparseimage file capped at 1.2 TB.But if you choose a size smaller than your actual storage, you'll create multiple volumes.For examaple, if I chose the 1.0 TB option with ~1.35 TB of actual storage space, I'd get two volumes or "disks." Both would report that they were 1.0 TB in size.

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🙂 Because of the "protection" methods used by the Drobo, it's still recommended that you stay below the "95% actual disk space" threshold at which the Drobo will slow file copies to a crawl.

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