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By John Mason 1834–45 from Actual Survey showing every Lott and building then standing on them giving the actual size of the buildings and width of the streets from the Canal to the head of the Harbour & part of Eastern point as farr as Smith's Cove and the Shore of the same with all the wharfs then in use. Lane has put few pictures in his studio at present; for he is very industrious, and sends his canvases off as fast as they are filled. Lane to send this picture to New-York for exhibition . ."At a Sanitary Fair held at the Pavilion "obtained through the favor and generosity of the owner, Mr.

Gloucester Harbor 1834–1835." This section of the map shows the location of the Pavilion Hotel and ropewalk along the beach.great demand; hitherto chiefly among sea-faring men, but now winning way in other circles. Lane's painting-room, and it was with real pleasure that I found my way to his new house, built from his own design, of native granite, as I mentioned, handsome, peculiar, stable, and commanding a wide sweep of land and ocean from its ample windows. If you were to meet him in the street, you would hardly take him for an artist. His early pictures had something in them too hard and practical to permit enthusiastic admiration; the water was salt, the ships sailed, the waves moved, but it was the sea before the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep. The dun and purple clouds roll away to the south-west, the sun sinks in a glory of yellow light, flooding the sea with transparent splendor. SIDNEY MASON, of New York, and to whom many thanks are due." "...

– Sarah Dunlap (August, 2013) , the hilltop house on the horizon at the far left of the canvas, above the Fort. The house that Charles Hovey built has been greatly altered by several owners over the years, but still commands an impressive view of the surrounding sea and land.

The brothers Charles Fox Hovey and George Otis Hovey, sons of Darius and Sarah, were born in Brookfield, Massachusetts.

Current address: Parking lot on Pleasant Street between Middle and Warren Streets, opposite the Cape Ann Museum. Hovey house on the 1851 Walling map and stood high above the outer Harbor, overlooking Gloucester's waterfront.The second Baptist Church was designed by Gridley J. Bryant of Boston (the same architect who twenty years later would design Gloucester's City Hall) and was dedicated the year before, in March 1851.The minister at the time of the 1852 painting was Miles Sanford.Next door to the west was one of the several long ropewalks in town.It was built by Ignatius Webber in 1803 and produced many of the miles of hemp rope and twine needed in the maritime trading and fishing trades.

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Both the windmill and the Fort can be seen in several Lane harbor paintings and drawings.