Educated dating uneducated

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Educated dating uneducated

The first meant reading anything you could lay your hands on. You will notice that the circumstances under which I was brought up gave me some knowledge of one great book, the Bible, and the habit of reading.The habit of physical exercise I was fortunately forced to abandon at an early date.

My formal education had given me no understanding of science, mathematics, or philosophy.

The horrors of war are all that they are supposed to be.

They are even worse; for the worst horror can never be written about or communicated.

But I found, too, that you could take your senior year in the Law School with credit for the bachelor's degree.

So I decided to stay two years in Yale College doing all of my last year's work in the Law School.

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Since I admired my father very much, it became a point of honor with me not to like mathematics either. But when, at the age of sixteen, I entered Oberlin College, I found that the authorities felt that one hard course was all anybody ought to be asked to carry. Of course if you took Greek you were allowed to drop Latin. My philosophical attainments were such as may be derived from a ten weeks' course in the History of Philosophy.