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“I’m still not culturally ready to say hi to somebody first,” she says, thinking about apps like Bumble which encourage women to message first.“I come from a conservative country where we learned men are the ones who speak to us first.” Similarly to others we talked to, Gi has met good friends through online dating.

Gi was in a stable relationship when she lived in Dortmund for six months but both didn’t want to do long-distance when she moved to Berlin.

On Tinder, where she listed herself as bi-curious, she met a woman who’s now a great pal.

She’s also become friends with other men and women this way.

“I’m hopeful that the relationship will go somewhere,” she says.

'650 matches on Tinder and nothing has worked out' For Gi, a content marketing manager who works at a start-up, serious dating is near impossible in Berlin, although she says “sex is easy to find” if you’re looking for casual hook-ups.

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They were speaking to each other on a video call before arranging a date, but when Trish introduced him to her dog, “he disclosed that sometimes he’s into bestiality”.