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It was developed in the United States in the 1960s, became a Winter Olympic Sport at Nagano in 1998 Modern snowboarding began in 1965 when Sherman Poppen, an engineer in Muskegon, Michigan, invented a toy for his daughters by fastening two skis together and attaching a rope to one end so he would have some control as they stood on the board and glided downhill.Dubbed the "snurfer" (combining snow and surfer) by his wife Nancy, the toy proved so popular among his daughters' friends that Poppen licensed the idea to a manufacturer, Brunswick Corporation, that sold about a million snurfers over the next decade.As snowboarding became more popular in the 1970s and 1980s, pioneers such as Dimitrije Milovich (founder of Winterstick out of Salt Lake City, UT), Jake Burton Carpenter (founder of Burton Snowboards from Londonderry, Vermont), Tom Sims (founder of Sims Snowboards), and Mike Olson (founder of Gnu Snowboards) came up with new designs for boards and mechanisms that slowly developed into the snowboards and other related equipment.In April 1981, the "King of the Mountain" Snowboard competition was held at Ski Cooper ski area in Colorado.Also during this same period, in 1977, Jake Burton Carpenter, a Vermont native who had enjoyed snurfing since the age of 14, impressed the crowd at a Michigan snurfing competition with bindings he had designed to secure his feet to the board.That same year, he founded Burton Snowboards in Londonderry, Vermont.

New Hampshire native Chas Guldemond moved to Lake Tahoe in 2005 to seriously pursue professional snowboarding.

Paul Graves, and others, advocated that Jake be allowed to race.

A "modified" "Open" division was created and won by Jake as the sole entrant.

Snowboarding Physical Therapist Coaches Mike Jankowski, U.

She continually pushes the innovation and amplitude of her riding to new heights, making history and setting new records in her wake.

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It’s great to have teammates who are also your friends to ride with all the time and they push you to progress in competition too. I am looking forward to watching each and every one of our athletes achieve their goals for the season.