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Is there a backup of the PO going on during the time of these errors?

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Sporadic Quickfinder Index error We run Quickfinder on a NW6.5 Sp7 (OES-NW) server. It is likely a specific item in the mailbox it doesn't like. Gautam, check if the file on the server is the same version like the one in your software distribution directory. I have tried googling/searching novell without any luck. Dear All, I found this error on POA: The Database facility reported error F03E on 703 Error updating Quick Finder Indexes: F03E Anyone know how to solve this problem?

All is smooth with the notable exception that in one of our File System Index setups, exactly eight PDFs "refuse" to be indexed, showing in the logs the following: "Skipping: Unrecognized contents". But finding it is arduous, and would consist of pruning/archiviving and then Reducing. Bell Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop Author of Guinevere ( PLEASE: Do not e-... Quick Finder Index, Error F0BAHi Guys, Having a few problems when using the search feature in the Groupwise client and traced it to this error in the POA Logs, it also happens when forcing the Quick Finder Index rebuild (ctrl - c); Error [F0BA], Updating index: usermdp.db, 103349 From "*name of sender*" Date: *date of email* *time of email* i have deleted those emails and tryed to update the index again, but am now recieving diffrent email addresses in the logs. Aaron Aaron, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your... Net Ware 6.0 Groupwise 6.0 When I run the file at the server prompt, I get the following error ' Unable to open language resource file ' even though the file is in the specified path. Each time we try and index a volume I get the below error during the index: Indexer warning: Ignoring error 0x8000F039 returned by file Reader which almost always seems to follow an xls file - but this doesn't seem to break the index generation, it seems more like a 'can't read this file error' and carries on... Error updating quickfinder indexes My GW 6.5 POA is reporting this error: The database facility reported error [F03E] on Error updating quickfinder indexes: [F03E] and I can't seem to find any information on it. It seems to be happening about in the morning, which is in the middle of my backup, however, the POA and the MTA should be shut down at this time (they don't run during the backup). TID said this is memory problem and close and open client to fix.

Rebuilding the individual user's Quick Finder indexes still results in the [F03E] error.

Determine what and files are associated with the user database the error is being reported on.

This is on NW6.5 sp5 and the index is of a branch on a local volume. I had a few problems where the SYS volume ran out of space during the index process but I have since expanded it to fix that.Either way, I would complete a Top-Down rebuild on you Group Wise system. I agree there is some type of corruption in the message dbs, but make sure you run the GWcheck that comes with GW6 ( in the Software distribution\admin\...\gwcheck directory).Also if you plan to run other than the 32bit version, make sure you don't use NWadmin, use only consoleone with GW6.Now the index job appears to almost finish but then dies with an unknown error.Here is the log Indexing started at on 10/09/2008 Merge Incrementals started at on 10/09/2008 Indexing ended at on 10/09/2008 Total Time = 23,064 seconds or :24 (d:h:m:s)... Try launching the MTA manually and see if the error occurs again. Quick Finder index build errors Hi, we are having some trouble building a file system index on any of our volumes and was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the matter!

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Hi, Looking through my POA log on Group Wise 6, I have come accross various errors: Error updating quickfinder indexes [F03E]The database facility reported error [802E] on Deferring message delivery because of : [820E]Queueing message for re-try because of : [820E]I have looked on the Novell support site, but find very little or no information on these errors.

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