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NOTE: The examples in the Procedure section show only two ways for the photo sync to occur. The Delve Profile page consists of three sections: the Office 365 suite navigation bar, the Delve Profile pane, and the left-side navigation pane.

The user’s profile picture is displayed in all the sections that make up the Delve Profile page.

If the photo hasn't changed since the last request, the server will respond with an HTTP 304 response that indicates as such.

If you're getting a user photo from a contacts folder in the mailbox, use the Get Item operation followed by the Get Attachment operation.

For example: User Name LThumb.jpg, User Name and User Name

Learn how to get user photos that are associated with a mailbox or contact by using the EWS Managed API or EWS in Exchange. If your users like to put names to faces, your application can request an image, typically a photo, from Exchange that represents an email account.

If the request specifies a size that is not available, the largest available photo will be returned. The ETag remains the same for the user photo until the photo is changed.

If no photo is stored on the Exchange server, the thumbnail image stored in AD DS for the account will be returned. You can send this ETag value to the server in the HTTPS GET request in an If-None-Match header.

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