Fender ultimate chorus amplifier dating

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These early models are referred to as "TV-Fronts" due to the shape of the cabinet when viewed from above.

The Dual Pro was the first twin-speaker amplifier, and also the first to employ a finger-jointed pine cabinet and the amp with a top-facing control panel.

They included the Model 26 Deluxe, the Princeton, and the Professional.

Grillcloth was initially the same as used in the previous tweed era, maroon with gold stripe.

Beginning in mid to late 1961, Fender introduced another color combination: a smoother but still light brown tolex with a dark maroon or "oxblood" grillcloth.

The construction of the chassis was changed as well, mounted to the back with the tubes pointed down, as opposed to having the chassis mounted on the top of the cabinet.

This has the benefit of providing ease of access to the inside while providing a strong top.

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By mid-1961, after this short-lived look, Fender was using the darker brown tolex which was a mainstay for many of the mid-1961 to 1963 amps.

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