G dragon dating rumor

Posted by / 16-May-2020 16:19

G dragon dating rumor

They used to at least make up excuses but now they just wait for public sentiment to die down…” “If they’re so busy with Taeyang’s concert, how’d they have the time to spam out Cha Seung-won articles?

In spite of the continuous denial, Kiko Mizuhara still attended G-Dragon’s birthday in August 2014, which was held in Tokyo.

In the face of G-Dragon’s incessant dating rumor, YG Entertainment issued a statement that they could not check whether the leader of Big Bang is indeed dating or not because they were currently busy with the preparation of Taeyang’s concert.

Many netizens were baffled by the agency’s statement, “Seems like YG just has too many scandals that they’re doing whatever they want no matter what the public says.

Regarding the latest dating rumor, YG Entertainment couldn‘t be reached for comment as of Monday afternoon, while Lee’s agency Better ENT said it is in the process of confirming it with Lee.

In response to the rumors, YG Entertainment only vaguely addressed the hot issue, stating that they do not know much as it consists of the artist's private matter.

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In a picture, uploaded by a long time friend of G-Dragon, Kiko was seen along with other people who came to G-Dragon’s birthday party in full 1980s attire.