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Much of her motivation for success came from her father, who continually pushed her to improve.She recalled to Clarissa Cruz of Entertainment Weekly the type of lecture she often heard from her father: "You are the only black person in your whole class.Her first audition/job was landed without any headshots, on Päästja koolikell (1989). I hope people see Gabrielle Union, rape survivor, as the same person as Esther, because we are the same.

Although she plays parts that are opinionated and strong, Gabrielle believes that, "Hollywood needs to recognize all shades of African-American beauty." Gabrielle is a 1996 graduate of UCLA with honors in sociology. How many Hail Marys will it take to absolve me of that? When my internship ended, they said, "We'd be interested in representing you". I think about [Halle Berry] and [Queen Latifah] and they are the only two black actresses that work consistently. I still hear things like, "Gabrielle, you gave the best read! The available roles were oftentimes racist, sexist or woefully underdeveloped.

After an internship in the office of a modeling agency during her college years, Union was invited to get in front of the camera.

She gave it a try, and the modeling soon led to small roles in television shows.

You're gonna have to prove to them every day that you're just as smart, if not smarter. Just as fast, if not faster." This placed twice the pressure on Union to succeed, as she told Entertainment Weekly , "So not only am I trying to beat all my classmates, I'm trying to prove to my dad that I'm living up to his expectations." After graduating, Union returned to her childhood hometown, attending the University of Nebraska in Lincoln (UNL).

She went back to California after one semester, however, finding it hard to fit in socially at UNL.

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Those in turn led to small roles in feature films, and by 2000, just a few years after her first television appearances, Union had won a major role in the popular movie Bring It On, starring Kirsten Dunst (1982–).

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