Getting a handle on intimidating situaltions worksheet

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FOG is a term named by Forward, suggesting that fear, obligation, and guilt are the dynamics in emotional blackmail between the manipulator and the victim.The acronym FOG also accurately describes the confusion and lack of clarity and thinking that can occur in these interpersonal dynamics.Typically, they will find it difficult to stand up for themselves, directly address the issue, set boundaries, and communicate with the blackmailer that the behavior is inappropriate.They do not consistently set clear boundaries indicating what is acceptable for them.Emotional blackmail is a way of being manipulated by your partner.However, in these situations, it can be difficult to gauge and clearly point to whether the victim is being manipulated.However, if you place a frog in lukewarm water and slowly increase the heat, it does not recognize the pain as a danger signal at the same level of heat.

Because the tactics can be covert, emotional blackmail may be difficult to spot, especially for those who may experience more vulnerabilities to it.

Forward and Frazier recognize four types of blackmailing, each with varying manipulation tactics.

Common in any abuse cycles, it is important to understand the progression of emotional blackmail.

They will commonly create undeserved guilt and blame to attribute their problems to the victim.

They make threats related to the victim’s emotional triggers to force compliance.

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The behaviors and impact of emotional blackmail can be similar.