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Open the doors, at least offer to pay the bill and stand when she leaves the table to help her in and out of the chair.

If she prefers you don’t do one of these things, she will let you know, but will still appreciate the effort in being chivalrous and gentlemanly.

Don’t make a move that may make her feel trapped, and respect her wishes if she asks you not to touch her or do anything else that makes her feel uncomfortable.

Many women will take advantage of online resources to research your personal and criminal history before the date.

She needs to know if you’re just messing around or you’re really serious about getting to know her more.Thus, during your date, you shouldn’t flirt with anyone else except her, look at other girls that walk by, talk about women like they’re just ‘objects’, or talk about how many women have come and gone. Avoid talking so much about how your past relationships ended, how someone begged for you to stay, how you felt so in love with a girl, or how those many years of being with someone went by. But the first date certainly isn’t the best avenue.Also, avoid using cheesy lines just to win her over. It will only make her feel anxious, insecure and uncomfortable when you talk about your past relationships.And don’t ever, ever lie about your past when talking about it.There is absolutely no point in going on a date if you don’t intend on learning more about the other person.

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More importantly, be careful about what you post on social media. If she isn’t feeling it, she’ll let you know either directly or through her body language alone. If it becomes apparent even early on in the date that there’s just no chemistry, no matter how well it looks on paper, have a sense of humor about it and just try to have fun.

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