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Gloria velez dating

Also, on 10 October 2017, Tom's mom took him to Opera House. Speculating at Tom's Insta feed, it is safe to state that he maintains a lovely relationship with his loved one.

When it comes to Tom’s sexuality, he is openly gay just like Jackson Krecioch But he never had the plans to reveal his sexuality in front of thousands of public.

I'm really family oriented -- my son, my mother and my brothers.

While talking to on 6 August 2014, Tom told the story of him revealing his sexuality.Gloria Velez is much more than just eye candy, she's a hustler; ask about her. The beautiful 26 year-old Puerto Rican thugstress is as down to earth as you could expect from a female who is used to being hit on from multimillionaire athletes and rappers alike. That sounds cool, what about your 9 to 5?On this humid Saturday night in NYC's Club Exit, the New York City native and Florida resident is the heart of the party, the center of attention, but it's more than just her big boobs popping out of her white top that draws people to her. Though she's been through a lot in the last couple years including the death of her father, and seeing her ex-boyfriend go to jail, Gloria is remaining focused on things that matter most in her life -- her family and her career. So what your schedule like? Gloria Velez: I never have a 9 to 5; my 9 to 5 is my family.Tom is quite open while sharing about his past relationships.But, he has not spilled the beans on his current love life; has not mentioned his partner or dating status anywhere.

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For instance On 8 July 2017, Tom was seen attending a rally that supported the LGBT community.

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