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Greek singles online dating

The team at Eligible Greeks helps make these connections possible.

Speaking a smattering of languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Farsi, and Greek, the team is exceptionally diverse.

“Since we’ve started the site, we have welcomed close to 1 million eligible Greeks from Greece and Cyprus,” Christina said.

“But so many of our members come from the broader Hellenic diaspora, too — the US, Canada, Australia, you name it.” The sky’s the limit when looking for another Greek single with whom to build a relationship.

For 15 years, Eligible Greeks has been connecting people, like Banayiodis and Louise, in a fun and friendly online environment.

“Once we realized we had bumped into each other at the Greek festival, once we realized that I took a picture of the exact pebble heart that Louise took the pebble from, we knew this was fate.” The couple ended up getting married in Santorini in a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony.

“And we always try to improve our services based directly on customer feedback.” This versatility helps the team understand how background and ethnicity can connect singles on a deeper level.

Eligible Greeks has steadily grown for the past 15 years, in large part, due to how widely Greeks have spread throughout the world.

That same year, both Banayiodis and Louise spent time in Cyprus on separate trips.

While visiting Aphrodite’s birthplace, Petra tou Romiou, Louise noticed people making hearts using white pebbles from the shoreline.

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Greek singles can start for free by posting some photos and completing a profile.

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