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Rikaart: I can only speak for Kevin, but it feels like both, if that makes sense.

It feels the same in that he's in the same skin, he's the same person he's always been.

Rikaart: Well, I think you just hit the nail on the head.

He'll stop at nothing to keep his family safe, which is a completely understandable thing to wrap your head around.

It's just these characters embarking on this journey now.

Soap Central: It might be a little early, but can you give a tease as to what viewers can expect from Kevin and Chloe this time around?

It's sort of the past and present colliding, and I think, as we're starting to see with Billy, it seems like we're revisiting some of the trauma caused by Delia's death, and I think there's going to be more to see about that.

Rikaart: For sure, and someone who is three dimensional.

Rikaart: Keeping the secret that Chloe is alive will be a lot more challenging for Kevin in the coming weeks!

You can expect some fun twists ahead for Kevin and Chloe, and they may be bringing someone else along for the ride...

I know there are times when Kevin has been sort of skirting the law, but he's never been the guy who wants to make a bad choice just because -- I think he always feels justified in his own mind for making the choices that he's made.

But specific to this, I think this is probably the strongest motivator for making the choices that he's making.

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Does she have cause to be worried about her son-in-law?