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Florida courts will look to put the safety and well-being of the child first, often limiting the rights of the abusive parent.They also will try to protect the abused spouse, co-parent, or unmarried significant other from further violence.Restraining orders and domestic violence injunctions can have an earth-shaking effect on any divorce case involving custody and parenting issues.A restraining order is free to file, is quick in its effect, and can give an incredible tactical advantage to the filing party.In this situation, there is a high probability that the restraining orders will be granted which can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s future employment, housing, parent-child relationship and certain constitutional rights so advice from an experienced Florida Family Law Attorney is imperative.

With respect to child custody disputes, courts may prevent parents with a known history of domestic violence from exercising significant parenting time or even engaging in unsupervised visitation with their children.In fact, the danger of serious violence against another can be initiated when a person acts on a decision to leave an abusive relationship.Florida is one of the many states that has abolished fault as a basis for obtaining a divorce.If a “one-sided” reading of the Petition satisfies the legal requirement for an injunction, the judge will sign the order and grant the injunction.The judge will not try to figure out truth or lies during that first reading.

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In some cases, husbands may claim that their wives are the abusers.

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