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Hong kong nude live chat

Once opening the packaging, people discover their package is actually empty.

Delivery companies advise their customers not to accept any package if they are not sure they have actually ordered it.With cash delivery packages, customers are advised to always check the package before sending the courier away.About lost or damaged packages: delivery companies will never ask you to fill out a compensation form or share any personal or bank information.Another rising problem that China and many other countries are currently facing is the issue of so-called ‘voice scams.’ Often done through We Chat, scammers collect a person’s voice messages and then pretend to be this person by imitating his or her voice.The scammers will then make a fake We Chat account that is an exact copy of the one they are imitating.

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In some cases, scammers ask customers to add a We Chat account so they can be compensated for their ‘loss’.