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Hot chat peer to peer

In March, it was used when Kashmir experienced relentless rainfall that invoked memories of last year’s flood.

It powered Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Umbrella movement, and was a key communication channel during internet blackouts in Iran and Iraq in 2014.

If you haven’t heard of it, Web RTC (Web Realtime Communications) is an API that enables peer-to-peer video, audio, and data communication in a web browser with no plugins, frameworks, or applications required.

In this tutorial, we’ll start by building a very simple video chat application that only requires around 20 lines of Java Script.

It transmits messages from phone to phone (which have the app installed) until the messages reach the intended recipient.

Fire Chat transmits messages by Bluetooth and Wi Fi radios installed in a smartphone.

In our next part, we’ll add some cool features to bolster our Web RTC video app.Pub Nub makes this signaling incredibly simple, and then gives you the power to do so much more with your Web RTC applications.Good, that never-ending quest for knowledge will get you far in life.And the project code for this specific project here. However, to keep development local, I recommend you setup a simple server using Python.To do this, open your terminal and change directories into your current project and depending on your version of Python, run one of the following modules.

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