How to chat up a granny Webcam sexting chat

Posted by / 17-Jul-2020 00:00

One wrong move will wake her and send her teeth flying! Greedy Granny is a new and mischievous game from Tomy.

Once you have entered your text into that bar, hit Enter on your keyboard to send it.

This being the case I asked my 5 year old DG if she could maybe call me Granny instead. Although I'm what you might call a larger lady, my granddaughter sometimes refers to me as "little grandma" to distinguish me from "great grandma". I have great trouble seeing a difference in 'age' between Granny, Grandma and Nanny or Nan but..hey lets have some fun and be contentious here...

This suggestion was met with a long thoughtful stare and then a very firm "No, you're Nanny" and then a big hug. I was brought up (lord help me we lived on a council estate) being told that calling ones Grandma ' Nanny' was ..................(whispers) a bit common!!! and yet I ended up mixing with people who had been brought up with 'real' Nannies!

Even if it was an innocent typo, the connotations of necrophilia will forever haunt any attempts in this conquest. So in hindsight, it would probably be better if you avoided granny banging and jelly dicks altogether.

In fact, maybe just avoid pick-up lines, they never seem to work.

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What Ian lacks in charm he more than makes up for in graphic imagery. Quite a graphic start, and sounding slightly pervy, but funny and original enough to successfully break the ice and get some laughter. Though I think the underlying desperation was starting to shine through just a tiny bit, but she probably didn’t notice.