How to count dating anniversaries

Posted by / 06-Apr-2020 20:21

How to count dating anniversaries

With the Relationship Calculator app, you’ll never forget an anniversary and can provide your lover with day to day updates about how long you’ve been together.

This is a silly app but a fun addition to your phone if you’re looking for an excuse to celebrate more than just annual anniversaries.

It’s tough to keep up with all of that even if you’re in it, but it does help maintain some sort of fire and excitement, and when work and life pressures build up, it’s nice to have something sweet to celebrate every month.

It could very well cheapen the small milestones too, so I’d say selectively choosing which ones are significant is a good habit to have.

Everything was categorized under “Anniversary for the wife,” “Anniversary for the husband,” “Anniversary for the parents,” “Happy 20-year wedding anniversary,” etc.

You’re free to send personal messages to any of your matches.

It’s a fun way to meet people or, at the very least, check out some eye candy.

If you and your sweetie are experiencing relationship issues, sometimes it’s best to talk through your problems with a professional, like Mort Fertel.

In many cases, marriage counselors or even a close personal friend can lend an ear, help improve communication, and repair a seemingly broken relationship.

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Sending notes straight to your love’s i Phone can significantly increase the odds of a chore getting done and it takes away the uncomfortable nagging component.