Internet dating fatigue

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Internet dating fatigue

Or tell me the story of how you met your partner – whether it be in real life or via online dating.

At the heart of therapy lies the relationship between the patient and the therapist, hence finding the right fit is key.

Challenge yourself to counter your discomfort and turn to the person who is smiling at you on the subway, in a café or sitting next to you on the airplane.With over 40 million Americans dating online, a fatigue has taken hold as a result of the endless swiping, messaging and communicating that it takes to reach the moment of setting eyes upon a flesh-and-blood human being.So how do you negotiate the never-ending supermarket of people online and reinvigorate yourself so that you can find new opportunities for curiosity, playfulness and real-life interactions?That man walked five floors to return the banana peel and never left.This narrative of charming happenstance is rapidly disappearing in the digital age where every interaction is curated in advance.

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A phone conversation will quickly tell you if you want to meet in person.

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