Intimidating witnesses court

Posted by / 03-Jul-2020 15:00

Intimidating witnesses court

S.—by what she posted on Facebook in December 2017, prosecutors said. (A Facebook spokesperson did not respond to specific questions about this case, though the company said it "routinely responds to valid law enforcement requests for information, including those related to credible violence.") It’s unclear what case or cases the witnesses were connected with.

“Witness harassment is not something we file in often, but it is not an unheard-of charge or one we are unfamiliar with,” Chambers said.

He said he believed the witness had “ruined his life” by giving false testimony, and denied the intention behind the confrontation was to intimidate the witness.

Costin said that when he realized the witness and another man appeared scared of him, he crossed to the other side of Water Street. Costin’s defence lawyer asked for a pre-sentence report before sentencing.

Now you can find out everything you need to know about somebody through Facebook,” Hamann said, whose nonprofit has written extensively on witness intimidation in the digital age.

Part of the problem, Browning said, is people may not fully realize the implications of their online behavior.

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