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Intimidating xbox live gamertags

The most common way account theft happens is when someone shares their Microsoft Account email and password with somebody else.

Phishing is any attempt to get information from another person (such as an email address or password) by pretending to be trustworthy.

However, other enforcements and policies may seem a bit more complex.

Though it includes a wide-range of offensive behavior and communication, all forms of harassment have the common purpose of disrupting the gaming experience for other Xbox Live players.Account theft is the unauthorized use of somebody else’s account.Buying, selling, sharing, borrowing, or transferring Xbox Live accounts is a violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement and Code of Conduct.While nearly anyone can join or create a Club, in certain situations we may restrict certain Club features or even participation in Clubs when a Club is used to harass others, promote inappropriate content, or otherwise violate the Microsoft Services Agreement or Code of Conduct.Certain Xbox Live features, such as your Gamerpic and Club background, allow you to upload custom images.

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Clubs are player-created and managed groups that help gamers meet and connect with others who have the same interests.

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