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We talked and she told me she just stopped loving me.

She just didn't feel the same one day and that she can't stay in this relationship because of it. My life just feels like nothingness, I just can't believe to this day that the person who I loved the most (probably the only person I've ever actually loved) has disappointed me and treats me so poorly.

I feel disappointed and frustrated because I failed. We had gotten engaged not long ago either, about the first week of July.

I decided to call it the "incident" because there is no other way for me to tag it. I found out, confronted her about it and although she denied at first, it was way too obvious for anyone not to realize.

I can't believe somebody I loved with all my heart, and was willing to give everything I had could betray me this way.

She keeps saying that I'm too hard on myself and that "it's not you, it's me" however, I can't stop reliving every single moment in those years, or tracing back my words and actions to keep finding no logical explanation. She swore to love me and promised all these things that she kept accomplishing, until now, when she's gone. This whole campaign, which I was scared of getting into, that went well for such a long time has totally failed because "I'm too cold/unresponsive" or "Trusting me is hard because I'm not that engaged when she asked for advice"TL; DR: My 4.5-year gf cheated on me and I don't know how to recover and what to do about it.

For certain reasons I haven't ever really had alcohol until recently.

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We decided to give us some time apart after I found out in order to figure out things.