Is jon really dating a girl Virtual sex chat worlds

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Is jon really dating a girl

Jon offers some encouraging words and reminds her that he has her back no matter what.While at a NOH8 campaign photo shoot, Nikki tells Trinity and Eva Marie about John's suspicious behavior.John calls her a hypocrite for not trusting him, then Nikki ends the conversation because she has to get ready to go show the condo that she's trying to sell.While in the car with TJ, Nattie vents about her situation.Nattie freaks out because she has the upcoming Divas Championship fight. Or hold off on getting the surgery until after the fight?She has a lot of thinking to do before making a decision.

In a redeeming act of heroism, John reveals that he It's the night of Nattie's big match and she's super nervous.Trinity thinks the routine still needs some work but there's one problem: the shoot is scheduled for the very next day. After heading to the rooftop to enjoy the sunset, John's phone rings and he immediately gets up to take the call in another room.Nikki is surprised because John has never done that before.When Nikki calls and asks where he is, John tells her that he's at the gym. After hanging up the phone, Nikki breaks down in tears. Back at home, Nikki paces anxiously while waiting for John to get back.The minute he walks in, she accuses him of seeing someone else.

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