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Sometime last July, White thinks, he was waiting at Third Man to produce a couple of tracks for the RZA.

Not entirely out of character, the Wu Tang rapper cancelled at the last moment, which left White and a bunch of musicians hanging around with nothing else to do except work up a couple of ideas he’d been toying with for a while.

The charming game of hide-and-seek is, it seems, still on.

“We can talk about the intensity of Jimi Hendrix’s playing, and how unbelievable it is,” he says.

The way Jack White tells it – though historically, his relationship with the truth can be a little capricious – his solo career started by accident.

For the past three years, White has been inviting musicians down to his Nashville studio to record 45s for his Third Man label; recent visitors have included Tom Jones, The Alabama Shakes, and the Insane Clown Posse.

I consider all of it to be the blues, but I’m trying to present it in a way that shakes it up for me and the listener.” It would be easy to envisage Blunderbuss – the 11th album of White’s mature career, after six with Meg White in The White Stripes, two fronting The Raconteurs alongside Brendan Benson, and two playing mostly drums in The Dead Weather – as the point where much of the subterfuge stops, and something akin to a real Jack White emerges. The enigmatic strategies and outlandish concepts remain just as critical to his appeal as the songs and virtuosity.

Indeed, when Amanfu coos “I hear a songbird’s melody, and she’s singing just for me” on Richard Hawley’s “As the Dawn Breaks,” you’ll feel as if you are the one getting a private serenade.

Although she has plenty of gospel power, delivered in measured doses here, Amanfu never oversings with her soulful, richly textured voice, letting the songs tell the story.

* In these exclusive interviews, artists describe their Blue Series recording experience in a behind-the-scenes look at their own creative process and the creative process of producer Jack White.

The immediacy of the recordings and unusual circumstances create stories rife with insight and interesting moments.

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The gig ended with a solo Jack White and acoustic guitar gently playing the Lead Belly country blues classic 'Goodnight, Irene' which sent the fans away happy and content, and proving that including Blues, Country, Noise, Power and Attitude into a single evening can best be described as simply Rock and Roll...