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And she said “women often end up feeling used” as a result.

The 70-year-old, who was born in Surrey and grew up in Reading, Berkshire, before moving to Hollywood in her 20s, continued: “I went through a period like that, when I dressed and behaved in a certain way.

“I certainly thought it had some good points but …” she said.

“Women are becoming so tough.” Asked if women “whinge too much,” she said: “Well I don’t know but I think they probably do.

And they put make-up on to my eyes, and photos of it, to show I had mascara on underneath the mask. Those seductive green eyes and imperious poise have remained relatively untouched by her 69 years. But the roles, particularly in the past decade, have been criminally sporadic and largely underserved of the beauty, who's also Angelina Jolie's godmother.

In nothing more than a snorkelling mask and aforementioned white tee, audiences were transfixed as the lithe beauty dived beneath the waves, spear in hand. "I don't think it's sexy, diving and holding on to my stick. I can't bring myself to look at it." Never married, though she has had lengthy romances with the Russian actor-dancer Alexander Godunov, the actor Michael Sarrazin, and Swiss actor Vincent Pérez, Jacqueline remains a lasting sex symbol.The plot is a loose interpretation of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair, with Bisset offering a vague portrayal of wife, Anne Sinclair, a magnetic, vocal personality within the French media who stood by her husband during his famous trial."It's one of the worst things for a woman to go through, humiliation and anger and hurt.Among her emotional, random ramblings was an ode to the health benefits of forgiveness, a tribute to her mother's advice of 'give them hell and don't come back' and an inclusion of a four-letter expletive. There's a series of "umms" and "ahhhs", for each formulated response. And these soaring egos - they're showing off and seem to delight in being mean. sad." An enduring screen icon, the bi-lingual actress of French and British parentage has starred in some 80 films across a 50-year career, cleverly alternating from commercial crowd-pleasers (Casino Royale; Airport; Bullitt) to niche European cinema (Day and Night; Le Magnifique). "It was nice to win but all the PR from it was a bit mean and not understood. But to make such a fuss over the fact that I swore, I did feel put upon." Amidst the concurrent ramblings and frequent pauses, there are pockets of sparkling clarity and fierce intelligence in her conversation.

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“My dad would always tell me: ‘Your looks are nothing to do with you, it’s just genetics so you better start concentrating on developing yourself.

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