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James lafferty dating joy lenz

It was, at times, both overly earnest and over-the-top, but the writers also crafted addictive stories featuring incredibly relatable characters.Viewers become so invested in their fates that no plotline was crazy enough to drive them away - not even a dog chowing down on Dan’s transplant heart.

However, every series suffers some misfires in this area and One Tree Hill was no exception.She was the epitome of angst, which has earned her some haters over the years.However, much like Brooke, Peyton evolved quite a bit over the course of the series.However, Michaela Mc Manus turned in such an uninspired performance as Lindsey that fans struggled to understand how it waswas even remotely difficult for Lucas to choose between them.Chad Michael Murray had major chemistry with both Hilarie Burton and, of course, with Sophia Bush.

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Peyton had a whole lot of drama to deal with on a daily basis, from psycho stalkers to two deceased mothers.

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