Java 2d graphics paint flicker when updating dating younger men jokes

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Java 2d graphics paint flicker when updating

Feel free to take what you like of this code and modify it free without penalty.

As with all source code here on the Programming Underground it is in the public domain “as is” and open to modifications.

Like when the form is covered up by another window and then uncovered, when it is resized, or simply when the controls on the form need to show new information.

Most controls have a paint event in addition to the form itself having one.

The second thing we use is the keypressed event to determine the type of keys that are being pressed on the keyboard.Leave the window at 300,300 and make the image much bigger (something like 1024 x 768 wallpaper should suffice).If you step through the code and read the comments you will see that we are simply modifying where in the source image we copy from and placing it on the form.We are looking for our directional arrow keys to manipulate where in our source image to copy from.When we hit the right key, we increment the imagex value by 2 and thus draw from our source image starting at coordinates 2, 0.

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